NOW Broadband

If you’re looking for a flexible and affordable broadband option, NOW Broadband is worth considering. With their no-contract broadband packages, you can enjoy high-speed internet without the commitment of a long-term contract.

One of the best things about NOW broadband is that it can be bundled with its streaming service.

This means you can access live TV, movies, and sports, as well as fast and reliable internet, all in one package.

And since you’re not tied to a contract, you can cancel or change your package anytime.

The process of signing up for NOW broadband is straightforward. First, visit their website, choose the package that best suits your needs, and enter your personal and billing information.

Next, you can select the start date for your service, and a technician will do the installation. If you prefer, you can also self-install the router with the instructions provided.

Managing your NOW broadband account is also easy. You can view your usage, pay bills, and contact customer support through their online portal.

And if you’re on the go, you can use their app to manage your account and stream content.

It’s worth noting that NOW broadband is only available in some regions of the UK, so check availability by providing your postcode on their website.

Overall, NOW broadband offers an excellent option for those who want flexibility and affordability in their internet service.

With no-contract packages, the ability to bundle with streaming services, and easy account management, it’s a solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable and convenient broadband provider.