BT Broadband

Broadband usage explained

Usage refers to the amount of data that you are allowed to use on your internet per month. For instance one email is around 4 KB of data.

10GB usage

Ideal for lighter users:

  • Surf the net
  • Download content such as large email attachments, photos, music tracks and video clips

Available on BT Total
Broadband Option 1

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20GB usage

Ideal for everyday users:

  • Surf the net
  • Watch video clips online
  • Download large emails
  • Download music

Available on BT Total
Broadband Option 2 and
BT Infinity Option 1

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Unlimited usage

Ideal for heavy users:

  • Download movies and music
  • Play games online
  • Watch video clips
  • Listen to the radio

Available on BT Total
Broadband Option 3 and
BT Infinity Option 2

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If you go over your allowance two months in a row on BT Total Broadband Options 1 and 2, you’ll be charged £1 per Gigabyte (GB), starting from the second month (rounded to the nearest GB). Option 3 doesn’t incur any excess charges. Our Fair Usage Policy applies to customers on all Options.

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